Corona Updates-Summer 2020


May Update

As part of staff training, we will be self-quarantining as a group while preparing for the summer to ensure our camper’s well being. Please reach out to Reema with any questions, and we will be be holding an in-depth operational guideline session for these procedures during training.

The CDC and American Camp Association have released operational guidelines for summer camps (Which we encourage you to read if you wish), and PA localities are following suite with supplemental camp oriented requirements. In light of these helpful insights, we ask the following before the arrival to camp:

  • All staff will be required to wear cloth masks whenever social distancing isn’t feasible during activities at camp. We ask that all staff bring any cloth masks they own and ask around to see if their friends or family would be able to provide them with a cloth mask or two to supplement our provisions
  • Any PPE you already have (face shields, disposable gloves/masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, etc) we ask that you bring with you
  • Please follow all self-isolate for two weeks before camp (starting 5/20 for leadership and 5/26 for general staff) and let us know immediately if you display any signs or symptoms of the virus.
  • Please familiarize yourself with proper hand washing, hygiene, and social distancing protocol, and symptoms of Covid-19

Please be aware that:

  • This year may require us to have a “closed campus.” This means trips off campus, both through camp and on personal time, may be limited to help protect our community.
  • We may ask staff to undergo testing or screening upon arrival to ensure we have a healthy community

June Update


  • All background checks, screenings, paperwork and distance learning requirements will be in place as previously discussed
  • All staff, per Reema’s earlier email should be in preventative self quarantine until Camp Arrival. Details on this have been provided by Reema and discussed on the 6/1 ZOOM call. If you have any of the symptoms provided in the earlier email, please let Reema know and utilize local FDA approved screening prior to arrival at camp.
  • Please make sure that you are the only one handling your gear/bag during the packing and transport process.


  • Plan on a health screening upon arrival (as we do every summer). We will do daily temperature checks of staff and will be doing a COVID-19 screen of staff upon arrival. All staff will need to maintain social distancing according to CDC and PA guidelines until confirmation of negative COVID status is received back from the lab. If you are COVID positive, we will not be able to employ you to work with kids over the summer.
  • Your gear will need to be kept isolated in your lodging and not share personal items (water bottle etc.) with other staff.

During Training:

  • We will be together as a group during staff training. Please plan ahead for personal needs, medication refills etc. as we will be following best practices and restricting trips off site during this time.

Camper Arrival/During Camp:

  • Since we are testing campers and staff as we put our community together, it is important for us to follow current guidance for staff time off during camp. We are committed to making sure that staff have time off and commit to being open and transparent about restrictions and on site options for our entire team throughout the summer.
  • In addition to our standard cleaning crew, we will provide gloves and cleaning supplies so that each low-density sleeping area has duplicate cleaning supplies to clean and sanitize hard surfaces. We’ll provide additional details upon arrival to camp.


Leadership Team: June 10th

Everyone  Else: June 14th


Updated arrival recommendations (please arrange with Reema):

  • Dubois Airport
  • Pittsburgh Airport


Logistical Considerations:

While you know from our staff handbook that we do not allow cell phone use around campers, we want to let you know that there is both Verizon (best) and AT&T (adequate) coverage at camp for your benefit on your assigned time off.

We have set up a staff lounge and request group discussion though:


  • Everyone will receive SMS notifications after the meeting with an invitation to a group chat, where we will be able to discuss requests and who can bring what. We recommend downloading the free GroupMe app, although you will be able to contribute without the application.

This is a way for you to help build our staff lounge with items that will make this comfortable for everyone. Please note that the staff lounge will not be open until after all of the COVID staff tests are back.

Early requests include:

  • DVD’s
  • TV & Cable
  • Gaming Systems
  • Free Weights
  • Weight bench/Barbells
  • Board Games

Please note that while we will have internet and office capabilities (printing, scanning, faxing) for daily operations and routine needs, this location does not have the ability for staff to stream/download video (or other data heavy applications) for recreational purposes not related to camp or continuing education of our team. If you have a hotspot or unlimited data on your device please let your colleagues know if you are willing to share the wealth.