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Upcoming Open Houses


We are excited to announce that we have two upcoming open houses: March 14th at 10am and May 9th at 2pm in Pennsburg, PA. Come join us with your family! Our open houses consist of a campus tour and then a parent Q&A with Director Brian and a member of our pharmacy while our staff entertain the kids with fun icebreaker activities. We also have two Regional Open Houses scheduled on the horizon. We will be visiting Huston, TX on April 4th and Castle Rock, CO on March 7th. Interested in coming? Sign up here!

Cruise News

Camper and family feedback has indicated a desire to offer a longer Sequoia program during the academic year. Knowing that school schedules are often different and not wanting to take away from family holiday events, we came up with the following. After the end of camp, Sequoia is looking at taking a cruise to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas! We would be leaving in August to fly out to Florida, where we would depart from Port Canaveral, Florida on the Liberty cruise line. After an evening of enjoying the entertainment options on the ship, from the pool to the game shows to the fun in the sun, we will arrive in Nassau the next day, and have a full day to bask in all that the Bahamas has to offer, from the beautiful beaches and local flavor to the provided shopping and entertainment. The estimated cost for this including airfare is $1,785 and without airfare (you provide your own) is $1,370.
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Dungeons and Dragons

New Dungeons and Dragons major offered this summer! Because of overwhelming interest last summer, we will be adding an official D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) major this upcoming summer so our campers can experience fun group collaboration while working as a team and navigating social development-based adventures!