Health & Safety

Three boys smiling by dining hall

Camp Sequoia is equipped with a team of nurses who take care of whatever minor health concerns may be troubling a camper.

Our team of resident nurses LOVE the kids at Camp Sequoia. Nurses are immersed in the fabric of camp and on trips fishing, throwing a baseball, playing in the pool and engaged with campers. In addition to routine administration of medications (our nurses come to the campers so that campers aren’t lining up for meds) our medical team believes in well-person nursing. This means that they serve as another set of adult eyes to check on personal hygiene, varied diet, and making sure that sunscreen happens as appropriate. If needed, Camp Sequoia has two hospitals in close proximity (less than a 5 minute drive).

On campus, we are proud to have overnight staff. These folks wake up at 4 pm so that they can do evening activity with the kids and get to know them as they provide another layer of support for our community through the overnight hours for our boys program.

In addition to our medical team, many of our staff have additional levels of training in Crisis Prevention, Mental Health First Aid, CPR, Wilderness Survival, and emergency procedures to ensure that our campers are supported on every level during their activities.

Camp Sequoia takes our campers’ health and safety seriously, and require Covid-19 Spit Tests to be completed by unvaccinated families prior to gathering as a community. This in addition to regular sanitation and screening practices ensures our community’s safety and provided us with a healthy and happy community, even during our 2020 & 2021 summer program. Camp Sequoia’s staff and nursing team will continue to follow CDC guidance and best practices to help our campers thrive, even in unprecedented times, while striving to become their best social selves. Please reach out for more information on our safety policies, or visit our Covid Policies page to see what our policies looked like last year.