Who We Serve

Kids diving into pool

Our campers are loveable, capable, active, and creative kids who may need help with some of the following:

  • Developing perspective taking skills (understanding how you’re perceived by others, understanding other’s thoughts, feelings and intentions)
  • Learning how to form and sustain friendships with similar-age peers
  • Initiating conversations with similar-age peers with self confidence.
  • Understanding ideas and concepts rather than just focusing on small details
  • Learning how to be part of a social group
  • Sportsmanship
  • Understand non-verbal social communication (reading social cues)
  • Learning how to use humor appropriately and relate to other’s experiences
  • Exhibiting age-appropriate and situation-appropriate emotional regulation

I would highly recommend Sequoia to any family looking to give their child an opportunity to grow and improve their social skills. Rebecca, Junior Camper Parent

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Our camper population also includes those who present with social anxiety, learning differences (which effect social skills development), or may not have a formal diagnosis yet present with social learning needs.

All campers present with average to above cognitive ability. The majority of our campers attend public schools where they are in mainstream education for all or a portion of the day. Some attend parochial schools, Jewish day schools, or private schools for students with learning differences. Our campers come from across the U.S.A. and internationally to be with us in the summer.

Due to their fear of stepping outside of their comfort zone, lack of self-confidence, overdependence on their parents, or unsuccessful experiences at prior overnight camps, some of our campers are initially resistant to the idea of attending Camp Sequoia. This is a normal response which quickly diminishes once campers realize they are in a safe environment supervised by caring staff who appreciate them and are surrounded by others who share similar profiles.

Diverse Campers

Our campers come from across the United States and internationally to be with us in the summer. We have international campers from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. During the last five years, we had campers join us from 42 states and 6 countries, including:

Alaska Kansas Oregon
Alabama Louisiana Oklahoma
Arizona Maryland Pennsylvania
California Massachusetts Rhode Island
Connecticut Michigan South Dakota
Colorado Missouri South Carolina
Delaware Minnesota Tennessee
Florida Montana Texas
Georgia Nevada Utah
Hawaii New Jersey Vermont
Idaho New York Virginia
Illinois New Hampshire Wisconsin
Indiana North Carolina West Virginia
Iowa Ohio Kentucky


We have also had campers from Israel, China, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Singapore, Mexico, and Spain.

Please note that Camp Sequoia is not always the best match for all children who present with social learning needs and not all children with social learning needs would benefit from our approach. Children who present with aggressive or oppositional behaviors would best be served by an overnight camp program that offers a higher level of individual support. We are happy to recommend an appropriate camp for your child if after an interview we believe they would best be served by another program.

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