ADHD Summer Camp for Texas Residents

At Camp Sequoia, we provide a fantastic overnight camp program for young men ages 7-17 years old and young women 9-16 to call their home away from home in the summer months. With a heavy focus on the unique needs of kids with ADHD and those working on social or life development skills, our camp model allows our campers to explore their varied interests in a well structured, supportive environment. While our campus is located in PA, we welcome campers from across the country to join us at Camp Sequoia. We have a strong camper community in Texas and our leadership team makes several trips to Texas each year to meet with families, campers and provide enrichment experiences close to home. So, if you’re living in Texas and looking for an ADHD focused camp for your son or daughter, please consider entrusting them to our incredible program, staff, and community. We’d love to connect you with some of our Texas families as you learn more about how we empower kids to become the best versions of themselves. 

Summer Exploration in a Supportive Environment 

Our mission is to serve campers diagnosed with ADHD, social anxiety, learning difficulties, a mix of the three, or campers without a formal diagnosis but who benefit from a strength-based, positive environment with a US-based staff of professionals. Keep in mind, we are designed for children and teenagers who do not need the level of support offered at special needs overnight camps but require a different experience than a traditional overnight camp can offer. Many of our campers are twice-exceptional and have the ability to perform at or above grade level academically. 

With that said, the private campuses for our programs are magnificent. The grounds are gorgeous and include both basketball and tennis courts, a competition-sized sized swimming pool, multiple full-sized gyms, and stellar art facilities with skylights. Another perk is our 800-acre lake where campers can go fishing, boating, and develop their wilderness skills under the guidance of staff members who are Eagle Scouts or Gold Award recipients.  

We love to come to Texas to do weekend adventures with our Camp Sequoia family. Whether we are at Galveston Island State Park or stopping for a meal at Ninfa’s on Navigation watching tortillas being made as we wait for a table-we enjoy spending school year weekends with our Texas campers. Can’t wait for our next trip to spend an evening on the San Antonio riverwalk or mountain biking at Barton Creek. Of course, for our campers in the panhandle, no weekend would be complete without a trip to Cadillac Ranch and the Big Texan with decades of gastronomic history.

Our PA Residential Summer Camp is Perfect for Texas Families

Aside from experiencing the typical longing for home that kids normally express in their first days at camp, we can assure your child will fare just fine coming all the way from Texas. Our dedicated staff and 2:5 staffing ratio ensure they are in good hands throughout their days and nights at Camp Sequoia. Furthermore, you can read for yourself how we were able to keep our entire community safe, healthy, and COVID-free throughout the pandemic. 

Camp Sequoia may be located in PA, but our summer camp is open to kids across the country. For Texas residents and families, consider Camp Sequoia for our amazing program for campers with ADHD, social anxiety, and learning difficulties. If you’re interested in giving your child an un-matched summer camp experience, get in touch with us here at Camp Sequoia. Call us at 610-771-0111 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!