Summer Camp

Sequoia Girls

Camp Sequoia Girls offers an overnight summer camp program for girls ages 9-17. This four-week research-based experience, led by an all-female staff, is designed to empower young women to become the best versions of themselves. Our campers come to us as socially motivated, kind and loving individuals who benefit from a community of peers and staff who can support them in a strength-based mindset. This program caters specifically to bright young women who are accepted for who they are and is divided into age-based divisions designed to help young women develop friendships, confidence, and character while having fun and gleaning skills that transcend the summer camp experience.

Camp Sequoia Girls Program Goals

Social & Emotional Connection

  • Find other girls like me at camp
  • Make female friends who are 2e (twice-exceptional)
  • Environment where campers effortlessly fit in
  • Girls don’t feel they are intimidated or will be made fun of
  • Go beyond the mask–girls can “mask it,” but Camp Sequoia provides a safe space
  • If requested, we can help our campers figure out the “clothes they wear,” “styles of their hair,” and “way they act” with affirmation and support. Most importantly here–At Sequoia we care about supporting who our girls are on the inside.

Confidently Navigating Social Stress

  • Finding people who intellectually stimulate you, make you feel like you aren’t the only one
  • In school you might be “the gifted one or the smart one”, at Camp Sequoia you’ll be accepted for who you are
  • Emotional Support
    • Learn decision-making skills and emotional regulation and acceptance
    • Sequoia can help you when you are hit with emotional arrows
  • Learn how to embrace differences and engage with same-age peers in meaningful ways
  • If your gifted class is where you go to relax, wouldn’t it be great to have a whole summer camp like that? Camp Sequoia is the place for you.

Executive Function Development

  • Structure is important, and Camp Sequoia can provide that.
  • Struggling with anxiety? Everything you want to learn, grow and have fun without “school” pressure:
    • Executive functioning skill development in a fun supportive community.
    • Planning, organizing, task initiating working memory, self-monitoring, flexibility, impulse control, time management


The Sequoia Girl’s Program promotes positive social interactions and resiliency in a fun, nurturing environment. This didactic, evidence-based approach empowers our girls to be less likely to get hung up on situational intricacies with peers in the moment. The transformative summer at Sequoia is something that I recommend to many of my clients.”B. B.~ Physician Assistant (PA-C)

Developing Social Skills

Many of our campers gravitate towards younger children (who they find easier to relate with) or adults who find our campers to be engaging and charming. Many adults (including professionals) have difficulty understanding how a child who presents so well to them has trouble connecting with their same age peers. We want our campers to be able to engage with same-age peers and develop their social skills in order to learn how to make and retain friends and become socially successful.

Our team consists of educators and clinicians who live and work with our campers. We maintain a 2:5 staffing ratio throughout camp and while we love the time that we have as a community, we also enjoy our weekly trips where we have the opportunity to connect with the Sequoia Boys program at theme parks, waterparks and other adventure day destinations.