High School (15-17)

Twilight Division

The Camp Sequoia Twilight program is an innovative, inquiry based, camper directed three week experience for our oldest girls in the later years of their high school experience. This program allows campers to work with their division head to craft both a traditional camp program as well as on-campus leadership development opportunities. We aim to have this program assist our girls in preparing and practicing skills that will serve them well as young adults or in a post-secondary environment.

From navigating budgets with a local professional to practicing mock interviews and resume building to “interning” in a program area to encourage mentorship and experiential learning, our Twilights have a program with the depth and flexibility to truly equip them to be successful after graduating high school.

As a community, we strive to help our girls to socially develop not only to be able to communicate authentically and clearly  with others, but to act as role models and mentors for the younger girls at camp. In addition to on-campus activities, we also practice group trip-building activities, where our girls can design proposals and budgets for local excursions, including rock climbing, 3-D movies, paintball, ziplining. We believe that getting to personally design and implement the perfect trip with their friends is the perfect rewarding learning experience!


Though our program, our girls will learn to:

    • Develop independence and self-confidence
    • Discover mutual respect for peers
    • Be a role model in the community
    • Learn to communicate authentically
    • Explore post-secondary options in a structured environment