Our Dawn Division represents campers who are in their final year(s) of elementary school and are preparing to make the big middle school move to a new school. This age group represents a transitional point as our girls seek new friendships and forms of self-expression. Our Dawns thrive off the structure and organization Camp Sequoia provides. Many of our campers in this division enjoy the numerous activities we provide to help them establish friendships with others who share their interests at camp. Our Dawns love the ability to self-select activities so that, whether they enjoy art or cooking, archery or STEM, GaGa or theatre, they will have peers who are interested in the same activities throughout the day.

Our Dawns are often finding themselves and where they best fit in their social community at school, as many struggle with forming deeper and less superficial friendships as they grow older. Our staff aim to help them develop socially while staying true to themselves. Group rewards and positive peer challenges reinforce and encourage leadership growth and self-confidence in this division. Our Dawns bring energy and creativity to their activities as they learn to form genuine connections.

The inquiry-based learning in this division manifests in both on camp and off-camp activities and empowers our young women to build independence and enhanced self-esteem during their camp experience. This in turn helps them succeed in their future social endeavors during the school year.