Our Willows division represents campers who are just starting high school or only have a year left of middle school. This age group represents a transitional point as our girls seek new friendships and forms of self-expression. Our Willows are typically girls who are seeking self-expression and individuality as they seek to figure out who they are as they blossom into young adults. Many of our campers in this division enjoy the numerous activities we provide to help them establish friendships with others who share their interests at camp. Our Willows love the ability to self-select activities and are typically our most adventurous and creative group, whether that be coming up with ways to strategically win water wars or create their own play in drama.

Our Willows are typically in the process of re-evaluating their values as they start to question the world around them, and as such it can be difficult for them to know where they belong in school groups. Our staff aim to help them develop socially while staying true to themselves. Group rewards and positive peer challenges reinforce and encourage leadership growth and self-confidence in this division. Our Willows bring fresh ideas and keen minds to all their activities, and our staff focus on helping our girls with appropriate ways to express themselves and develop confidence while staying true to themselves.