ADHD Overnight Summer Camp Serving Families in Colorado

No matter where you live in the United States, finding the perfect summer camp for your child with ADHD can be tricky. Will the staff understand their needs? Is the camp more special needs than it needs to be? Most importantly, will they enjoy himself? Regardless of your apprehensions, there is a camp out there that will suit your needs perfectly. May we be so bold as to suggest that summer camp is Camp Sequoia here in PA. We serve boys ages 7-17 and girls ages 10-16 who come from all over the country and internationally to spend their summer months with us. We aid them in experiencing social skills success in a nurturing environment specifically designed for kids with ADHD and other similar diagnoses. Our goals at camp are two-fold. For one, we want the campers who come here for the summer to truly enjoy themselves and forge lasting relationships with their peers. Secondly, we want to help them develop and hone their social cognition. Allow us to give you a brief look at what you and your child can expect from Camp Sequoia. 

We Offer a Stimulating, Nurturing Environment 

We not only want our campers to have the summer of their lives when they come and stay with us, but we also want to help them grow to become more capable young men and women. Most of our campers have been diagnosed with ADHD, but our camper population also includes individuals who present with learning differences that impact social skills development, social anxiety, and those without a formal diagnosis but present with social learning needs. Our approach is to help our campers develop their social cognitive skills because these skills are vital for meeting each camper’s view of “success” down the road. 

These goals every summer wouldn’t be possible without our incredible staff. Made up of teachers and professionals in education, counseling, speech-language pathology, and school psychology, our team is more than capable of helping each and every one of our campers grow throughout their summer stay with us.

We are always excited to connect for weekend adventures during the school year with our Colorado families. This could be a visit to Red Rocks, a day hike at Rocky Mountain National Park, or a trip to Pike’s Peak. We can’t wait to add the Cog Railway back onto our schedule as it reopens within the next year. Whatever the season, we enjoy the adventures with our Camp Sequoia families from Colorado.

Colorado Families Choose Camp Sequoia For Their Children with ADHD 

While our staff is instrumental in fostering a phenomenal summer camp environment, our campuses are often an unsung hero. The two campuses we utilize in the summer months truly allow us to provide an exceptional summer camp experience. From top of the line playing fields and athletics facilities to creative spaces and an 800-acre lake, there are numerous opportunities for our campers to explore new interests while reinforcing established hobbies. 

For Colorado families looking for an ADHD specialized camp for their sons and daughters, Camp Sequoia absolutely fits the bill. Our specialized approach not only sees campers coming back summer after summer but it also sets our campers on the right path to life success. No matter if you reside in the U.S.A or find yourself overseas, we welcome all candidates. Get in touch with us at 610-771-0111 or send us an email at