Covid-19 2021 Statement

Camp Sequoia operated COVID-free in 2020. That means ZERO cases of camper COVID. We had no cases of staff COVID. We kept kids safe in the midst of a global pandemic and have been happy to volunteer guidance to other programs who did not operate in 2020. Camp Sequoia was 100% COVID free for our 1st session, 2nd session, and full season campers. Our staff remained 100% COVID free for their entire duration of the 2020 summer.

In 2021, we have many additional tools, including enhanced knowledge, at our disposal. For enrolled families, we will send specific guidance directly at the beginning of June, so that we are not sending revised guidance multiple times.

We will require a time-sensitive negative PCR test for all campers and have a recommended vendor and specific timing for that.  We’ll provide details on how parents should do that, and what other PCR testing meets our standards closer to camp. We will also require all members of our camp community to complete several additional at home steps in the week leading up to camp, consistent with what we did in 2020, to keep our community safe. Our on-site medical team and close proximity to urgent care provides access to additional tools for community health and wellness.

With a vaccinated staff, we have another tool that was unavailable to us in 2020. We encourage our older campers and their families to work with us to provide a safe community. As availability and approval of vaccines widens, we will reach out to enrolled families specifically.


~The Camp Sequoia Leadership Team~