Ages 12-13

Inters Division

Inters group standing for photo

Our Inters division represents campers who are in their middle school years (12-13 years old). The are a group with a great deal of potential who do well with the structure that Camp Sequoia provides. Many of our campers in this division are excited about the wide range of activities so that they can find their individual niche at camp. Our Inters love the ability to self-select activities so that whether they enjoy art or improv, archery or STEM, soccer or ceramics they will have peers who are interested in the same activities throughout the day. Flapjack, our four-legged staff member often visits campers in the Inters division as a pawsitive role model for those who campers who LOVE our camp dog (and Assistant Director Artrice, who is Flapjack’s handler).

Group rewards and positive peer challenges reinforce excellence in this division. Our Inters are the ones who bring energy to the camper council and look forward to exciting specialty programming like the “Mystery Minor” and Bill’s Mystery Adventure trips.

The inquiry-based learning in this division manifests in both on camp and off-camp activities (such as trips to the local Rita’s Water Ice) and empowers young men to build confidence and enhanced self-esteem during their camp experience which can translate far beyond the summer.