Ages 13-14

Centers Division

Our Centers division represents our transitional group of campers who are going into their final year of middle school (13-14 year olds). With the big move to high school on their minds, these campers thrive off the structure and support Camp Sequoia provides as they define themselves as individuals. Our Centers work on independence building and leadership throughout their daily self-select activities to seamlessly intertwine developing self-esteem and social pragmatics with the fun of camp. Whether it be taking on the Dungeon Master role in D&D, working with the team in sports, contributing a dish to create in cooking, building their own 3D model in STEM, or catching the most fish in outdoor adventure, they will be fully immersed with peers who are interested in the same hobbies they enjoy.

The inquiry-based learning in this division manifests in both on camp and off-camp activities (such as trips to the local thrift store) and empowers young men to build confidence and enhanced self-esteem during their camp experience which can translate to their post camp experiences.