Ages 16-18

LIT Program

Teens on the LIT program standing outside and smiling

The Camp Sequoia Leaders In Training (LIT) program is an innovative, inquiry based, camper directed six week experience for 16 to 17 year olds. This program allows campers to work with their division head to craft both a traditional camp program as well as off-site community based options and a longer capstone trip. They build and refine skills that will serve them well in a post-secondary environment.

From navigating budgets with a local university professor to speaking with hiring managers in local and regional industries to interview practice and resume construction, our LIT’s have a program with the depth and flexibility to truly prepare and empower them to be successful after high school. Each year, our Division Head screens applicants and together campers and staff design a curriculum and activities for the group.

As an LIT community, we strive to develop the social skills not only to be able to communicate effectively and empathize with others, but to act as good role models in our community. We do service projects to help those in need throughout camp and help others in the community. In recent years, the group has done volunteer work at the local thrift store, SPCA and built a fence for a local non-profit. We’ve designed proposals and budgeted for local excursions including rock climbing, 3-D movies, car shows, paintball (as examples).

The LIT program culminates in a Capstone experience wherein campers plan a 5-7 day excursion (during the camp session). They negotiate a budget, contact vendors, negotiate accommodations and plan for meals and activities throughout their trip. Included in the cost of tuition, this adventure, scaffolded by staff where needed allows our LIT’s some excellent opportunities to build skills and friendships at the same time. Recent LIT destinations have included deep sea fishing, New York and Times Square, Niagara Falls and more!

Building on this Capstone experience, we offer a destination post secondary transition skills program for our older campers. The details for this immersive experience can be found on our Hawaii Adventure page.

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LIT playing football
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LITs at a sports game eating popcorn

Throughout the summer the LIT’s have the opportunity both to mentor and be mentored as they develop their capstone experience. This experience, in which campers budget using a daily allowance, a trip of their design and work through logistics, risk management and support needs for their excursions. Recent trips with campers have included NYC, Lancaster, PA, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, and Ocean City, MD.

LIT’s Will Have an Opportunity to:

  • Build teamwork
  • Discover mutual respect for peers
  • Be a role model in the community
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Explore post-secondary options in a structured environment