Group of boys on a spring break trip in bathing suits and towels

Spring Break Activities and Tips

Camp Sequoia


With many of our campers entering Spring Break and often spending additional time around family and siblings, Camp Sequoia is pleased to take a moment and offer several suggestions to maximum enjoyment and minimize potential frustration. First, many of our clients do best with structure so taking some time to discuss the structure of Spring Break is time well spent. This could be as simple as discussing expectations for shared family meals, games or outing or appropriate times during which electronics can be used. Planning specific activities that are not weather dependent as well as having academic and home (clean room. spring projects as examples) expectations in place are good strategies as well. We recommend having choices, even minor choices as part of the spring break planning process. If that means which adventure (mini-golf or trampoline park as examples) that is chosen for an outing with child input can help facilitate buy-in and increase interest in (or acceptance of) other family activities which they may by necessity have less interest or choice about. Finally, we recommend making sure that there is a good mix of realistic opportunity for a variety of activities. A mix of alone and together time, a blend of inside and outside and a balance between screen/phone and unplugged will serve to set the framework for a fun and relaxing Spring Break for the entire family.