Progress Reports

Welcome to the Progress Report Portal! Every camper leaves camp with an individual report to mark their progress over the summer, written by division heads, SST, and other leadership staff. These reports are incredibly important to our camper families, the professionals that work with our kids during the year, and our staff next year. As a result, a  bonus structure is built into contracts for staff that are expected to contribute a significant portion to these reports. (For details on how this is structured, please refer to your personal contract. Any questions can be directed to Brian or Reema.)

Steps to Tackling Reports

Through this portal, staff will be able to view resources to help them write these reports. These are the steps Division Heads should take to go about these reports:

  1. Review the report writing directions
  2. Look at the good and bad examples
  3. Open the google doc outline, make copies, and make one for EVERY CAMPER
    1. Format the title of each camper’s report “Lastname_Firstname DRAFT” (or google docx) and fill in the information for the first paragraph
  4. Do these in groups based on session. This will make it easier for you.
  5. Look for growth and highlight achievements. Our parents are used to only hearing the negatives, so look for the positives as well.
  6. Consult the Recommendation Examples to help you craft recommendations (Do NOT just copy and paste. These are a resource, but they should be customized to each camper. Additionally, returning campers’ reports should not be identical to their past reports, and a personal voice should be reflected each year).
  7. Complete your reports and submit them before the stipulated deadline

Tips for Writing Reports

  1. Write a single first report and submit it to Reema before working through the rest, as she will give you feedback that you can apply to them all.
  2. We highly recommend working through first session reports at the end of first session, or at least making notes for each camper. You will forget the details by the end of the summer.
  3. Ask for help if you need it. Returning staff are happy to help direct you, as they have experience with these reports.
    1. Work with SST. They are going to be contributing to these as well, so don’t forget to ask for their input.
    2. Share the load. If your deputy or one of your line staff connected with a camper, have them write part of that camper’s summary
  4. Review your work! These reports are very important, and should sound professional.
  5. Mention who their friends were!
    1. You can’t use last names, but you can say things like “John connected with Aaron, Todd, and Aiden and enjoyed hanging out with them throughout the summer.”
  6. Use 3rd person perspective (He, them, they) instead of 1st person (me, I) or 2nd person (you, your)