Online PRE-CAMP Staff Training-Camp Sequoia

Please note, this training done before staff week allows us, based upon overwhelmingly positive staff feedback, to offer two days of break at the end of staff training before the campers arrive. The exact timing of these days will be discussed once we are all face to face in June. The expectation is that you take time with this training and be able to be familiar with the information to discuss when we get together.

During staff orientation, you will need to show mastery (aka—there will be a test) of each of these topics to ensure that everyone has a basic toolbox of skills to interact with our population as a small part of our overall training. We understand that many of our staff have talents and skills far above this level, but that everyone can benefit from all of the staff having this basic knowledge.

If you have a specialized skill set or training that you think
would be valuable to include in our face to face staff
training, please let us know.

Mandated Reporter Training


This training outlines what is reportable in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. During our face to face training, we will discuss how this works at Camp Sequoia. Understand that while some of the information can cause trepidation, we are here to support you as well as our campers and will be able to run through numerous “what-if” scenarios when we are together. You will be supported by a diligent leadership team. It is a serious topic and one that we want to make sure that our staff understands in order to ensure a safe and fun community this summer. For those coming from out of state, on the registration tab you can select “out of state”. Please contact me with any questions. Please register (FREE). When you receive your certificate at the end of the course, please submit it or email it to


Camp Sequoia is a community that supports each other. We believe that self-care is an important part of being able to make a profound and meaningful positive impact in the lives of our campers. As such, we ask ALL STAFF to look at some of the meditations and mindfulness training available below.

Camp Sequoia uses a research-based approach to make a difference. In order to help our campers grow, we need to have a good understanding of ourselves as well. Complete the following, SUMMARIZE your results and be prepared to discuss during staff training.






Camp Sequoia is an intentional community. We do things to provide opportunities for campers to become their best selves. There are a selection of videos below. Please WATCH ALL OF THEM, choose one that you take notes on and are prepared to discuss in a small group during staff training.


These (9) modules allow you to get research-based information through multimedia assessments on various issues that may impact campers that we serve. If you are interested, the parent website has additional modules for your professional growth. Some of our senior staff are trained listeners on this site and can help you if you have questions. Please note, that the expectation for your knowledge is to complete the modules so that we can discuss how they relate to our specific population when we are face to face (through role-playing, discussion etc.). If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for all your good work with children.Brian Lux and Reema DixonDirector and Associate Director