Vehicle Registration Form


All staff vehicles with current state inspection and full coverage insurance are welcome to park at camp in the lot proximal to the gym provided they adhere to the following conditions. Due to gates and logistics, it is important that is where our vehicles are located. Staff who choose to have vehicles on camp should adhere to current rules of the road and camp regulations. A non-exhaustive list of these include (as examples):

  • Everyone riding in a vehicle should be wearing a seatbelt.
  • Driver should not be impaired, nor transport any staff members back to camp who are in an impaired condition.
  • Driver should follow rules of the road and exercise good judgment and be experienced driving the vehicle they are behind the wheel of.
  • Vehicle should have no visible inflammatory, profane or explicit decals, bumper stickers etc.

We encourage staff to have a spare set of keys and discuss contingency plans with their roommate should their vehicle be needed to be moved in case of an emergency.

Staff should not transport campers in personal vehicles without the expressed permission of the Camp Director or Program Director.

I understand the expectations of having a vehicle at camp.

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