Staff and campers examining nature

What is 2E anyway?

Camp Sequoia


From our work presented at the World Gifted Conference and numerous local, state and regional events for parents, teachers and students, the concept of 2e, or twice exceptional, often merits a brief description. The twice or twice-exceptional means simply that there is more than one non-neurotypical component involved. Exceptional comes from a position of ability or strength rather than a perspective of deficit or perceived deficit. We consider our campers to have great strengths or abilities in a variety of fields (both academic and non-academic) as well as the ability to work on mores which allow them to become their best selves. Our work with Frustration Tolerance, Guy’s Group, Social Cognition and perspective taking serve to use the camp environment as a Fun, dynamic tool to empower our campers for success bot at and beyond our modern camp campus.