Benefits of Working at Camp Sequoia

Staff Incentives

Benefits of Working at Camp

There’s nothing more rewarding than making a difference in the lives of kids. However, Camp Sequoia appreciates the dedicated, hardworking staff members on our team, and we endeavor support and honor those who work with us. We know that the talent, experience, and patience our staff bring is invaluable, and each year we provide a variety of benefits to our team to thank them for the amazing work they do with our population. Check out some some of those benefits of working at camp below:


Camp Sequoia is located in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania (one hour northwest of Philadelphia, PA) on the campus of The Perkiomen School (The Perk). The Perk campus is regarded as one of the best boarding schools in the United States and its facilities live up to its reputation.  Unlike most overnight camps which are located in rural areas, Camp Sequoia’s suburban location makes it an ideal place for your time off. Philadelphia is an hour away from camp. Many recreational opportunities such as movies, restaurants and an array of outdoor activities are within walking distance.


Staff are provided all-inclusive, air conditioned housing for the duration of their employment at camp. Unlike most camps, where tents, bunkrooms, or lean-tos are the standard and staff members sleep in the same room with children, we pride ourselves on being able to provide staff a separate living space. Our staff live in their own dormitory room with another staff member while supervising a specific age group, or “division” of kids. Our dormitory is modern and spacious and, unlike most overnight summer camps, is a climate controlled space.


Everyone eats meals together in the dining room which offers a wide array of healthy food options. Our dining experience is catered, and offers buffet meals, salad and sandwich bars, and a a full juice machine and yogurt bar for a variety of options. We have staff (and campers) who choose vegetarian and gluten free options offered at each meal.


Camp Sequoia provides every staff member a travel reimbursement on top of their salary for the summer to help them get to camp, no matter where they live in the US. Because of this, camp’s staff each year hails from every corner of the country, from California to Texas to Florida, and creates a unique and inclusive workplace unlike any other.

Our campers are from all over the country as well!

Mental Health & Wellness

Our campus provides a number of facilities, from a weightlifting room to an indoor heated pool, for our staff to utilize during their down or off times. A health center is located on campus as well. Our nursing team can support staff with physical and mental health needs during the summer. Additionally, we have a camp psychologist, Dr. Lew, who is available to both campers and staff, as well as a camp mental health support dog, FlapJack.

Salary & Time Off

Our competitive salary package is commensurate with experience and includes housing and all meals while on campus and on trips. Trips include baseball games, theme parks, laser tag, and numerous local excursions from bowling to golf. We appreciate how hard our counselors work and believe that time off is extremely important to maintaining a happy, motivated staff.

Staff enjoy weekly “SUPER-DAYS” off (36 hour periods) during the summer. The allows for easy access to NYC (2 hours), Philadelphia (1 hour) and Baltimore (2.5 hours). Additionally, staff enjoy reliable campus wide broadband wifi, buffet meals (including special camp-wide meals such as the steak and lobster ravioli which is a camper favorite), air conditioned rooms, access to our indoor heated pool, gyms, lighted tennis courts, theater, and STEM labs during time off. Camp is within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, and a movie theater.


Incentives for Staff

In the same way that we positively reinforce our kids, we endeavor to reinforce our staff both during the summer experience and beyond. At camp, we believe that those who go above and beyond for kids deserve additional incentives on top of their contracted salary. In addition to providing all of our non local staff travel reimbursement when they successfully complete their summer contract, climate controlled housing, and exceptional dining during the summer, check out some things that we have done for our amazing staff in our most recent season:

  • Provided for a FREE  cruise vacation to one amazing staff member with a retail value of over $1,800 in addition to their summer salary.
  • Provided FREE housing, food, and airfare to HAWAII for a returning staff member for their six years of dedication to the program.
  • Provided returning airfare for a staff member to fly over 2,000 miles to come join our community on our December Kalahari Waterpark Weekend Adventure
  • Reimbursed flight cost for a staff member who had an unexpected urgency at home and needed to fly home for a couple of days during the summer.
  • Provided over 150 nights of lodging for our highest achieving staff at the Globe Inn bed and breakfast.
  • Awarded a farm to table culinary day off experience with hotel to a high performing staff member.
  • Purchased over $2,000 in staff gifts, snacks, and giveaways, which were awarded based on merit in front of the camp community over the summer.
  • Provided over 2,500 FREE soft drinks for staff in the staff lounge over the course of the summer. Also provided over $750 in staff lounge treats available to all staff members.
  • Gave away over two dozen staff tickets to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom amusement park.
  • Gave away $250+ in meals to local restaurants and prizes during our pre-camp staff Zoom sessions
  • Wrote over two dozen letters of reference to help our staff on their professional journeys.