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Jobs at Camp Sequoia are a unique opportunity to:

  • Live, play, and work with exceptional children.
  • Experience a new part of the country.
  • Use our experienced clinical faculty on site to work with your university to earn internship credit.
  • Bank more money than you think – with few expenses.
  • Gain the professional experience graduate schools and school districts are looking for.
  • Add a unique and valuable experience to your resume.
  • Make new friends from all over the USA.

We welcome you to talk to our fantastic returning staff as part of the application process and check out our staff testimonials.

Join Our Staff

To apply for a position at Camp Sequoia you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have completed at least one year of college, or the equivalent.
  • Provide Camp Sequoia with current federal- and state-mandated clearances.
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Who Should Apply?

Our staff members are undergraduate and graduate students, counselors, teachers and professionals who have experience instructing in one of our activity areas and/or have experience working with our camper population. They are provided with extensive training and support throughout the summer and though off-season web-based training modules.

Our staff selection process is competitive as we receive many more applicants than available positions. We are looking for staff who come with solid experience and are interested in learning more about working with children who fit our campers’ profiles. Staff who are selected to work at Camp Sequoia are willing to work hard and understand that overnight camp is not a typical summer job. It requires long hours and very hard work. Our staff are excited about the opportunity to work with great kids, learn some valuable skills they can use in the future, have a lot of fun and make long lasting friendships. Our staff become a very close-knit family at camp and keep in touch throughout the year.

Our staff has found that having Camp Sequoia on their resume has helped them obtain jobs in today’s competitive job market and give them a significant advantage when applying to graduate school programs. If you are looking to gain college credits, internship or practicum hours we would be happy to work with you to make this happen. Our director has significant experience supervising college coursework during camp.

Camp Sequoia is an equal opportunity employer.

This is a great, super, camp for your son with ADHD. I can say this as I have been a teacher for over 25 years and when I was invited to Camp Sequoia to teach STEM. This was the highlight of my years of teaching. Great, safe, learning camp. None better. Sequoia Staff

Staff teaching campers archery

Positions at Camp Sequoia

Activity Specialists

Activity specialists play a dual role at camp. They work alongside General Counselors on a dormitory floor and have part-time responsibility for the well-being of those campers. Specifically, they help out in the bunk at morning clean-up, during rest hour, and in the evenings. In their other capacity, specialists teach or coach in their specific program area during activity periods. Activity Specialists are flexible, enthusiastic and well-organized people who can confidently instruct campers (ages 7-17).

Camp Sequoia’s focus on helping campers develop their social thinking skills is integrated into all aspects of the Activity Specialist’s role. We encourage our Activity Specialists to apply their experience to designing their own lessons based on the ability level of our campers. Activity Specialists receive extensive training and ongoing guidance from our Senior Staff. Each Activity Specialist has at least one period off each day, as well as time off as described above.

General Counselors

General Counselors are invaluable staff members whose role is to support their campers throughout the camp day. Because they spend their whole day with their division (group of same age campers), they really get to know their campers and are integral to building their camper’s self-confidence and social thinking skills. General Counselors assist, support and motivate campers throughout the day while participating in the division’s daily activities and weekly trips. Each General Counselor has at least one period off each day, as well as a rotating schedule for evenings off.

Whether an Activity Specialist or General Counselor, each member of our staff is a role model who shows patience, compassion, flexibility and enthusiasm for working with kids who need help developing their social skills and self-confidence.

Please note that due to our all-male camper population and the need for live-in supervision, our openings for our General Counselors are for males only.


Nurses at overnight camp serve a special purpose. Aside from providing medical care to our campers, communicating with camper’s parents and dispensing (pre-packaged) daily medications our nurses also provide T.L.C. to our campers. We highly value what our nurses bring to the Camp Sequoia experience and believe they are in integral part of our staff.

Open Administrative Positions

We are seeking a summer assistant director to augment our administrative team. This senior leadership role requires a college degree (Master’s preferred) and substantial experience working with kids and staff, ideally in a camp or school setting. This role has the potential for p/t or f/t year round work, but this is not required as a condition of employment. Please fill out the standard camp application and attach a letter of interest to info@camp-sequoia.com.

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