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"A supportive overnight camp for exceptional young men ages 7-17, focusing on the unique needs of boys with ADHD and those working on social or life skills development"

Parent Testimonials

What parents and campers have to say (names have been changed to protect the privacy of our campers)

"I just wanted to thank you both and the whole Sequoia staff for a wonderful summer. Greg is not much of a talker and we assumed that as soon as he got in the car he was going to ask for his Nintendo or iPod, but to our surprise all he did was smile and talk about camp; his eyes were gleaming, even when he told us the "not so good things" the smile and gleam in his eyes did not go away..."It was awesome!".. were his first words and he kept repeating them whenever he talked about a different trip or an activity... Again thank you and your whole team very much... Greg spent a great summer making friends, learning about himself, learning new things and most important, being happy!!!"
"We see a big difference in Joshua and he is constantly talking about and reflecting on the summer camp."
"Thanks Brian and the Sequoia team for taking good care of our son Brad. When we spoke to him yesterday on his birthday, we couldn't get over how fabulous he sounded, in terms of his happiness level and his sense of personal strength. Certainly his camp experience has had a part to play in this."
"Most importantly, want to let you know Craig enjoyed camp and wants to return next year! I don't know who was happier with this news, Craig or my husband and I! Sincere thanks for his positive experience. I will highly recommend the camp to all that may be interested."
"I don't even know what to say, except thank you and all of your staff from the bottom of my heart. I see amazing changes in Billy. He is managing his anger better than ever, asking for what he wants in expected ways for an 11 year old, taking no for an answer, managing his frustration, and pushing boundaries less."